Photo: Outdoorlife Norway

Autumn Hike to the Pulpit Rock

Join in on an autumn hike to Preikestolen, and witness the magic of the season’s shifting colors and post-equinox daylight! Experience Norway’s crisp and cool mountain air while hiking on upgraded trails!

9h, 20min
01.OCT - 31.DEC

The Pulpit Rock (Preikestolen) is one of Norway's most famous attractions. In fact, the fame is such that even Hollywood productions ("Mission Impossible - Fallout") use the rock as a location for dramatic movie moments!

Tour description

You start this tour by meeting your guide early-morning who will transport you to the base of the hiking trail. After a short briefing, you’ll embark on your journey to Preikestolen.

During the Autumn season, visitor numbers have become dramatically lower than they are during the summer. The area’s flora and fauna prepare for the long, dark winter, and stillness has set in across Norway’s vast wilderness.

Autumn is the perfect time of year to experience the Lysefjord and Preikestolen from a unique perspective. The shadows become longer with every day that passes, and the ambient light seems to dance across the fjord’s mountainsides. Snow, when present, offers a splendid contrast to the flame-colored foliage.

Your guide will lead you up through the shifting terrain and onward to the mountain’s plateau. This late in the year, weather conditions are constantly changing. As needed, you’ll adjust the equipment you use (ice spikes, etc.) in accordance with the changing conditions.

Along the way, there will be opportunities to catch your breath and snap photos of the spectacular nature around you. After 2.5 hours of trekking, you’ll be rewarded with a panoramic view of some of the most dramatic scenery Fjord-Norway has to offer.

Standing atop the 604-meter-high cliff, the views of the Lysefjord and surrounding mountains are nothing short of awe-inspiring. On top of that, you’ll have the privilege of becoming one of the very few to have experienced Preikestolen off-season!

Have a nice Autumn hike to the Pulpit Rock!