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Guided glacier kayak tour at Folgefonna glacier

Join in on a unique adventure and see the Folgefonna glacier up close from your very own a kayak!

Folgefonni Breførarlag is an outdoor adventure company that offers unique guided kayak tours in the nature surrounding Folgefonna. The company is based in the idyllic Rosendal village. Their signature product is a guided kayak tour on the glacier lake at Folgefonna glacier, including a glacier hike!

The trip starts with a kayak trip on the glacier lake, dry suits are used to ensure safety since the water is freezing. If you are lucky, there may be icebergs on the lake the way from the starting point to the Møsevass Glacier.

The view of the blue ice coming into the lake is powerful; no one can stop the ice on its way to the lake. After the kayak trip on the glacier lake, kayaks are parked on a beach near the glacier. You will then be equipped with glacier equipment and you're ready for a fairytale on the blue ice! The hike on the glacier is a calm walk where you can enjoy the view and sense all the elements. If participants wish to do some real ice-climbing this is fully possible, but it all depends on your wishes and the ice conditions.

The Folgefonna glacier is about 5000 years old, but 1500 years ago, the ice was not present in this valley. The glacier hike will be adjusted after your wishes and ice conditions, the ice is in constantly change and route will depend on conditions.

Folgefonni Breførarlag takes safety seriously and is the only guide company in Western Norway that offers dry suits on a guided kayak tour.

This tour provides genuine close-to-nature experiences for everyone!

Good to know

  • This is a full day tour that starts 10 am and expected return at Rosendal approximately 5 pm
  • Meet up at 10.00 am at Folgefonni Breførarlags guide store in Rosendal
  • Bring warm underwear, hat and sunglasses if possible
  • Lunch is included in the tour
  • The kayak tour includes all necessary kayak equipment, dry suits, lunch and transportation to / from the glacier lake (about 50min drive)
  • The total paddle tour is about 5 km, glacier hike 2-5 km


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    01.JUL - 15.SEPT

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