Guided kayak trip from Jørpeland

Join in on a guided kayak tour around "Jørpalandsholmene" islands, only 10 minutes away from the Pulpit Rock. This is the perfect trip for the inexperienced kayaker or those who want a different and great way to get to see the Lysefjord area.

3 hours
01.MAR - 30.NOV

A kayak trip in magical surroundings on the fjord is the best medicine for body and soul. You do not need any prior experience to join the trip, and your guide will be providing you with safety information before the trip starts.

Tour description

Together with your guide, you paddle silently out on the water to explore all the beautiful places by fjord. On the trip you will learn why there is a small town here called Jørpeland, you will see the old power station, and you will learn about moraine masses and pebbles from the ice age. By the way, did you know that there is a long grave here from the year 800 where a powerful woman is buried?

There is a bustling animal and bird life in the area, and if you are lucky you may also spot sea eagles while paddling. In the summer, large numbers of salmon enter the fjord around the islets, and you will see them jumping up in the water right by your kayak.

Together with your guide you will explore the shore, and you get to see the vibrate life of crabs and fish. Sometimes there are crabs running under the kayak, other days not, that's what makes it a bit exciting.