Photo: Rikard Kirkeeide Bøe

Kayaking on the Nordfjord from Olden

Go kayaking on the magnificent green water of the Nordfjord, surrounded by steep mountains, soaring waterfalls, and glaciers. The fjord was created by glaciers, dominated by the Vikings, and is now a world-famous attraction.

3 hours
01.MAY - 13.SEP

This kayaking trip takes you out on a green fjord in a quiet valley, you are surrounded by steep mountains, soaring waterfalls, and blue glaciers. 

Tour description

This tour starts from the old and proud Mølla Guesthouse in Olden. Here we gear up and go over the "do's and don'ts" of kayaking, before we head out on the glacial water of the Nordfjord, heading out on the fjord.

As you kayak out on the Nordfjord, your guide will share information regarding the Vikings, the glaciers, the fjords, and the local town of Olden.

We use double kayaks, meaning that they're very stable and you can enjoy conversation and sharing your experience with someone sitting right next to you. Sharing the experience adds a whole new element to the kayaking trip.

Note that this trip requires a minimum of 4 participants, but you can still book for less than 4 people. In case the supplier does not receive enough participants by 19:00 the day before departure / booked date, they will contact you by e-mail.

Enjoy a unique kayaking experience in Olden!