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Atlanterhavsparken - Ålesund Aquarium

Meet the Norwegian sealife at the Ålesund Aquarium Set out to explore life under the sea at one of the most unique and interactive aquarium in Europe, Ålesund Aquarium.

At Atlanterhavsparken you can fish crab in the big activity room; watch the diver handfeed the biggest fish in the Atlantic Ocean tank, and the alfa male seal, Knut, swimming around and flirting with his female friends, all within their natural habitats. 

The aquarium is beautifully fronting the Norwegian coast and Atlantic Ocean, just a few minutes’ drive from Ålesund, the famed Art Nouveau town in Norway’s fjord region.

Study the large landscape tanks and be fascinated by the hectic activity in the largest tank when the diver enters to hand-feed the fish every day at 13 o'clock (from June - August also at 15.30). 

New from 2015 is the Sealbay with an underwater observatory that shows the seals life in a spectacular way. Here the Harbour Seals has the perfect home in Europe’s biggest sealpool. Almost 6000 squaremeter and 15 million liters of fresh saltwater gives them the feeling of a wild life, but still with free food. Every day at 15 o`clock they will be served dinner.

In the spacious outdoor area there is also a separate penguin park. The penguins are being fed every day at 14.30. And there is also a popular Waterplaypark and a gigantic Octopus sculpture, perfect for the children to play in.

The aquarium has a cosy café perfect for lunch, coffee or cake while you enjoy the exciting view. In the souvenir shop you'll find lots of items you can bring home as a memory of The Atlanterhavsparken.

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