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Bergen Aquarium

Come and meet the locals at Norway's biggest aquarium!

When you visit Norway’s biggest aquarium, Akvariet in Bergen, you will experience close up what life looks like in the Norwegian fjords. Originally a traditional aquarium, the venue has developed into a sealife centre with a wide variety of fish, shellfish, mammals and shows, as well as a tropical section with animals from the earth’s warmer climates.

The aquarium, located in the city centre, has played an important role in educating the residents of Bergen in an exciting and interesting manner since 1960. Cod, lobster, halibut, crab and many other species have played a vital part in the operations of many local businesses, and the aquarium has enabled them to study these creatures up close.

Over the past few years, the aquarium has expanded its attractions to include seals, penguins from the Antarctic, a shark tunnel, tropical fish, a tropical section with big crocodiles and snakes, and our latest arrivals, the sea lions. The aquarium is one of the biggest family attractions in Norway, with annual visitor numbers exceeding the whole population of Bergen.

There are hourly shows and feeding of the animals, ensuring that visitors get to experience all the aquarium’s highlights. Watch a game of football when the seals score for the local football team. Join the fun as the sea lions spray water, kiss and do somersaults, and take part in the feeding of the animals, including Samson, the big Nile crocodile. And - are you brave enough to hold a snake?

The aquarium also has its own cinema, which shows 3D films and a film about orcas, shot on the fantastic coastline of western Norway.

Come and meet the locals!

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