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Bjerkebæk - The home of Sigrid Undset

Bjerkebæk was the home of the Nobel Laureate Sigrid Undset. Sigrid Undset lived at Bjerkebæk from 1919 until her death i 1949.

Welcome to the home of one of Norway’s great female writers. Nobel laureate Sigrid Undset (1882–1949) lived at Bjerkebæk with her three children.

Undset created a distinctive home in two old log houses which had been moved from old farms in Gudbrandsdalen. The houses were surrounded by a beautiful garden and Undset called her home Bjerkebæk. Her home opened as a museum in 2007.

Nobel laureate

Sigrid Undset’s literary works were rich and comprehensive, ranging from contemporary fiction to powerful novels, short stories and articles.

Her novels which were set in the Middle Ages, Kristin Lavransdatter (1920-1922) and Olav Audunssøn (1925-1927), were written at Bjerkebæk and she was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature for these in 1928.

Café and guided tours

The museum has a nice café and an beautiful garden. Guided tours every day.

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