Photo: © Breidablikk / Stavanger Museum
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Breidablikk Mansion in Stavanger

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The mansion Breidablikk was built by the architect Henrik Nissen in 1881. The owner was the merchant and ship owner Lars Berentsen, one of the leading businessmen in Stavanger at that time.

Both the interior and the exterior of the house is exceptionally well preserved, and offers the public a vivid insight into the lifestyle of the wealthy inhabitants of the city at the end of the 1800s.

The house was built in the Swiss style with touches of Romantic and Gothic influences. The interiors are amongst the richest and best preserved examples we have of the historic style, including furniture in the Gothic, Rococo, Baroque and other contemporary styles. The buildings and the interiors demonstrate high quality workmanship and you will also find a collection of paintings, including works by Kitty Kielland and August Jacobsen.

In addition to the main building, the old main house and barn from 1852 still stand. The barn contains an exhibition of farming equipment and horse-drawn vehicles. The park is in the English style, containing curved paths and exotic trees, which are also well preserved.

The garden surrounding the main building was established in accordance with the design of gardener P.H. Poulsson. The original design has to a large extent been preserved. Characteristic of many of Poulsson's garden designs to be found in the city are the winding paths, the avoidance of sharp angles and the use of exotic trees. The garden is open to the public all year around.

Note: By buying a ticket to this museum, you also get free entry to other museums part of Museum Stavanger, if you use your ticket on the same day.

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