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Hardanger Maritime Museum

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The Hardanger Maritime Museum is a living museum were you can experience real handicraft.

Guided tours

We have guided tours of the boatyard on request, in Norwegian or English, depending upon the group. Tours in German can be arranged in advance.


  • “Ropemaking" tells the story of how this skill developed and changed with new materials.
  • “Boats and boatbuilding in Hardanger" Boatbuilding has been an important trade in the region.


  • “When the sea was the way” explains how vital the sea has been as a means of communication.
  • “The Nordland Trade“ follows a young man on his first tour to the north of Nor- way, to purchase dried cod, in the 1920s.
  • “The woman by the sea“ is about coastal life in earlier times, from a woman’s perspective.
  • Other maritime films - on request.


  • Activities Course with tasks around the boatyard. We challenge your practical skills and know how.
  • Make your own rope, and take the skipping rope with you home.
  • You can make your own toyboat and try it out in the trough. Always a winning activity amongst the young ones.
  • Playground with boats. We have water were the boats can float around. But it is very shallow!

Trips on the fjord and boat rentals

When the Hardanger yacht "Mathilde" is in port, she can be rented for day trips. We rent out three traditional rowboats that were built at HFS, and send you off with maps, information and tips for trips. We also rent out fishing gear.

If you do not dare to go out on your own it is possibly to hire a guide for the rowing tour. The boats can be hired for just a small row on the harbour or for a several day trip along the shores and the Hardangerfjord.

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