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Langedrag Nature Park

Langedrag Nature Park is situated 1000 metres above sea level and offers a multitude of activities for all ages.

Welcome to day visits or overnight, take part in farm life and join a multitude of activities in beautiful surroundings close to animals and nature.

At Langedrag Nature Park you can:

  • Experience wolves and lynx at close range - a memory for life!
  • Experience our socialized wolves and see how we communicate with them - management for thought?
  • Visit the tame moose. Have you patted a moose before?
  • Dogsleigh rides, lead your "own" dogs and join in the care of our 27 dogs.
  • Be welcome to tend goats, horses, yak-cattle, wild boar, and our other animals
  • Go horseback riding in the mountains, riding lessons at court, balancing on horseback
  • Take part in fox camp and learn them some tricks!
  • Guided tour / feeding of predators where we explaine about the different animals and their place in the ecosystem
  • go canoeing and fishing
  • Hiking with reindeer as pack animals
  • Sleigh rides, skijoring with horse, horse and carriage.
  • Try traditional cooking or crafts
  • Storytelling with real and true stories from the farm  
  • Climbing Park, - it is wonderful to win over himself!
  • An much more!

Langedrag Nature Park also offers group and team building activities. Some of the activities must be booked in advance.


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