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Ledaal Manor House in Stavanger

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Ledaal Manor House was built as a summer residence for the Kielland family in 1799-1803. It now serves as a royal residence and representation house for the city of Stavanger.

The main building represents contemporary styles and tastes, and when walking through the beautiful rooms of the house one can easily imagine the parties and other gatherings that were a part of the social life of the upper class during the first half of the 19th century. The interior is richly furnished in the Rococo, Louis XVI, Empire and Biedermeier styles.

In addition to being a museum, Ledaal also functions as a royal residence and venue for official functions, and the site with its buildings and park is a national trust.

The initial owner was the merchant and court agent, Gabriel Scanche Kielland, the great-grandfather of the author Alexander Kielland. The author himself never lived at Ledaal, but was often among the guests at the many wonderful parties that took place here. In Kielland’s novels he depicts aspects of life at the manor, and one can recognize characteristics and personality traits of some the family members and other inhabitants of Stavanger connected to Ledaal.

This museum has exhibitions laid out over three floors, and is not adjusted for disabled access. Prams/baby carriages can not enter the exhibition. 

Note: By buying a ticket to this museum, you also get free entry to other museums part of Museum Stavanger, if you use your ticket on the same day.

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