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Lilleputthammer in Lillehammer

Lilleputthammer is an adventure park for the young where activities are specially designed for children 1-8 years.

In Lilleputthammer you can find a miniature copy of the main street Storgata in Lillehammer, as it was back in the year 1930. The street is built to a scale of 1:4. The kids can ride on the Lilleputthammer train, drive a car or ride on a bicycle, and the miniature houses make the kids feel like giants! Inside the houses they can discover fun activities at sites such as the painting room, the ball room, the mini cinema, etc. 

Activities for children in Lilleputthammer:

  • The Lilleputthammer Train
  • Ola's frog leap
  • Electric-powered cars
  • Farris wheel
  • Mini rollercoaster
  • Climbing tower and obstacle course
  • Bumper boats
  • Huge jumping cushions
  • Trampolines and other playground facilities

For adults, Lilleputthammer offers a look back into history – the 1930s to be precise. Both the buildings, the content and the colors have been copied as authentic as possible from that period.

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    23.MAY - 16.AUG

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