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Maihaugen in Lillehammer

Maihaugen in Lillehammer is Norway’s largest open-air museum outside of Oslo. The museum offers more than 200 buildings from different eras, superb cultural experiences, a variety of activities for children and adults, numerous exhibitions and several places to eat.

Under the motto “Who wishes to attain distant goals, must learn the art of waiting", the dentist Anders Sandvig began in 1887 the difficult task of gathering buildings and relics from the Gudbrandsdal valley. Today, the museum comprises over 50,000 items and 190 buildings, each of which has its own history. At Maihaugen, many of these stories are told. There are buildings and dwellings from towns and hamlets - old as well as new standing side by side – and even a house illustrating how we depicted the future in 2001 is included!

Amongst all the buildings are animals such as horses, cows, sheep, pigs, hens, rabbits and the odd baby goat. Visitors can enjoy a chat with the farmer in the medieval farm, or listen to what the daughter of the 1980s house has to say. The stories are good and there are many who are more than willing to tell them.

When your head is bursting with new impressions and your legs are getting tired, park yourself on a bench in the town, try a pretzel from the bakery in the market square and tap your feet to the rhythms played by street musicians.

Maihaugen is open all year and has a varied program. During summer the museum is an eldorado for children and adults with a lot of activities on the schedule.

Experience life like it was 200 years ago, participate in exciting walking plays and visit houses from different decades during the 1900’s. Take a walk amongst the sunburnt buildings and take a stop to watch traditional crafts and the animals that are grazing in the fields.

Exciting exhibitions of different kinds are offered all year at Maihaugen. Check the program HERE. Opening hours can vary throughout the year, please click HERE for further information.

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