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The Norwegian Alpine Center

The Norwegian Alpine Center is a brand new visitor center in Åndalsnes focusing on Norwegian mountaineering history and outdoor mountain activities.

Explore and learn about Norwegian Alpine history

At the Norwegian Alpine Centre you will find a modern exhibition that in a varied way conveys the history and development of mountainairing, from the first ascent of Romsdalshorn in 1828 till the modern era of mountainwall and cliff climbing, base jumping and the summit to mountaintops on skis. The exhibition features interactive stations, videos with different themes and equipment you can touch and try.

One of Norway's highest indoor climbing walls

The climbing wall at the  Norwegian Alpine Centre is one of the highest and most modern climbing walls in the country. Here you will find a a challenging main wall with several overhangs and varied routes. The highest climbing route is a whopping 21 m! There is also a training wall where you will find easier routes suitable for beginners and children. There are several bouldering walls for those who want to try and train on bouldering and for the smaler children there is a bouldering cave where the little ones can romp around.

Spectacular film experiences

The film room at the  Norwegian Alpine Centre is certainly the only one of its kind. Here you see a 15 minute movie showing steep outdoor activities in Romsdalen at its best!

The Alpine Restaurant

The Alpine Restaurant offers a varied and exciting menu based on fresh seasonal produce. Here you can wear either hiking boots or dress shoes, everybody is welcome! The restaurant can cater to both families, businesses and as well major private celebrations.

The mountain Library

On the 2nd floor you will find our mountain library with new and older books and journals. There is also a digital archive of photos, films and documents about Norwegian mountain history. Sit down and dream your way back to pioneering times!


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