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The Norwegian Glacier Museum

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The Norwegian Glacier Museum is the leading centre in Norway for the dissemination of knowledge with regard to glaciers and the climate.

In an entertaining and exciting manner, you will get answers to question like – What is a glacier? Why is the ice blue? How were the fjords formed? Why do we get climate changes? Behind the Norwegian Glacier Museum, there are national and international research institutions on glaciers and the climate. The Norwegian Glacier Museum – a museum for the curious person!

A hands-on museum for the entire family

Feel what it is like to be under a glacier. Learn why the glaciers are in motion and see how crevasses arise. See the unique and staggering panoramic film from the Jostedalsbreen Glacier – the biggest glacier on the European mainland. Carry out your own experiments with 1000-year old ice from the glacier.

Ulltveit-Moe’s Centre for Climate Understanding

Come along on a climatic journey from when the atmosphere was formed, via the icy landscape of 20,000 years ago to the potential future in 2100. Knowledge to refl ect on!

A special architecture

The Museum was designed by the architect, Professor Sverre Fehn, who has been awarded many Norwegian and international prizes for his architecture. The Norwegian Glacier Museum is located in Fjærland, with the Sognefjorden fjord and Jostedalsbreen glacier as its closest neighbours. The Jostedalsbreen glacier is a national park and the museum is also an information centre for the park. All the exhibitions have been adapted for the disabled.

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