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The Mineral Park

Over 1 million people have visited the Mineral Park in Evje. The exhibitions inside the mountain, activities, beautiful surroundings and the parks special theme makes it truly unique!

Activity park

The Mineral Park is the activity park for the whole family. Inside the mountain you can see a spectacular collection of minerals, in which the world’s most beautiful stones glitter. Outside there are a number of creative, fun activities involving stone and the Stone Shop overflows with jewellery and sculptures.

When you enter you walk through the green, florally park with sculptures made of Norwegian artist. Here is a large playground, a big chess, a nice sand beach with free sunbeds, and big slide for kids to have fun.

You also find Rock Cafe where you can have a snack, pizza or just an ice cream. There are a lot of activities for kids in the park, where they can make things out of stones.

Underground tunnels

Take a visit into Mineralpark, discover and be fascinated by the minerals in a new way – the way they were made by the nature. Get a view into the origin of the earth, into the secret of uncommon minerals and valuable jewellery-stones.

The exhibition is the most beautiful and spectacular private collection of stones and minerals in Europe. More than 1200 specimens are exhibited inside the mountain. When you enter the exhibition you walk in tunnels which are made just like an old mine. The area inside the mountain contain 5 large halls where you will see both local findings and specimens from the whole world. You will be impressed of what the nature has created.

The Mineral Park in Southern Norway is made for you without any knowledge of geology.

At Mineralparken Camping you can stay overnight in a tent, caravan or motorhome. The facilities are top modern with large bathrooms and laundry rooms. The campsite is very family friendly with its own area for grilling and fishing. You can use the playground and swimming beach on Mineralparken entire evening.

And good news - Every day throughout the season fresh breadrolls are free to all campers!

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