Photo: The National Museum/Annar Bjørgli
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The National Museum of Art, Architecture and Design

The National Museum holds, preserves, exhibits, and promotes public knowledge about, Norway's most extensive collections of art, architecture and design.

The National Museum shows permanent exhibitions of works from its own collections and temporary exhibitions that incorporate works loaned from elsewhere. The Museum's exhibition venues in Oslo are the National Gallery and the National Museum - Architecture.

The National Gallery

Founded in 1837, the National Gallery houses Norway's largest public collection of paintings, drawings and sculptures.

The Scream, Madonna, The Sick Child, and The Dance of Life are but some of the highlights of the museum's ample collection of works by Edvard Munch. Important works by other leading Norwegian artists, such as J.C. Dahl and Thomas Fearnley, are also presented.

Other highlights include Tidemand and Gude's national-romantic masterpiece Bridal Procession on the Hardangerfjord as well as the perhaps most important work of Norwegian neo-romanticism, Harald Sohlberg's Winter Night in the Mountains.

Closed on Mondays. Address for visitors: Universitetsgata 13.

The National Museum - Architecture

The National Museum - Architecture opened in 2008. The main building, designed by Christian Heinrich Grosch (1801-1865), was completed in 1830 as a division office for Norges Bank.

It was adapted and extended by Sverre Fehn (1924-2009), who was awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 1997.

The building is a juxtaposition of classicism and modernist architecture - an encounter between Grosch and Fehn, Norway's most important architects of the 19th and 20th centuries respectively. The museum's temporary exhibitions explore both contemporary architecture and historical themes.

The architecture collection includes drawings and photographic material, in addition to models and other objects. A new permanent exhibition with works from the architecture collection opened in 2014.

Closed on Mondays, free entry on Thursdays. Address for visitors: Bankplassen 3.

Mellomstasjonen - route to the new National Museum

Welcome to Mellomstasjonen, where you can find out about the plans for the new National Museum.In 2020, the new National Museum will arrive at Vestbanen, the former site of the western Oslo railway station.

In the meanwhile, you can visit the Mellomstasjonen information centre and get to know what is set to become the largest art museum in the Nordic countries! At the centre you can study the construction project, join guided tours and breakfast meetings, and participate in artist talks with contemporary Norwegian artists.

Free entrance, closed on Mondays. Address for visitors: Brynjulf Bulls Plass 2

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