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The Trolltunga Experience

There are several different ways of experiencing the fabled Trolltunga. You can climb, hike, stay overnight or combine your hiking experience with zipline adventures. Find your way to the top here!

Trolltunga Hikes & Adventures

Trolltunga is one of Norway's most famous icons and is located 1100 meters above Lake Ringedalsvatnet. There are several ways of getting to the top, either by traversing a Via Ferrata route, walking, or cycling, and you can even stay overnight in a beautiful dome! An experienced and knowledgeable guide will be with you on all our hikes to Trolltunga, to ensure that you get safely to the top!


Trolltunga is a natural cliff formation protruding out over Lake Ringedalsvatnet, and is located 111 meters above sea-level. The cliff formation kind of looks like a tongue, and that's how it got its name. "Trolltunga" actually translates to English as "The Trolls Tongue"!

There are several ways of getting to the top of Trolltunga, and there are tours on offer all year-round. Most tours start from Odda, where you will also find other activities and places to stay. Some include food and overnight stays, while others can be done in a day. Either way, an amazing experience awaits!

How do you want to experience Trolltunga?

Choose between tours with overnight stays, Via Ferrata climbing, classic hikes or winter adventures!