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Fjord Tours Articles / 22 Jan 2021

A closer look at Røros

Røros is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which stretches from Nord-Østerdalen in Hedmark to the south in Trøndelag and also borders Sweden. Included on the UNESCO World Heritage List, Røros is a fascinating and beautiful town to visit - all year round.

History and culture

In 1644, copper ore was found in Rørosfjella, when only a few small mountain farms existed. As early as 1646, the first smelting hut was built on Malmplassen, which became the center of the rapidly growing mountain town of Røros, and later became the center of the region. The mountain town of Røros features one of Europe's oldest wooden houses, and one of the few mining towns in the world that is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Røros Airport is 50 minutes by plane from Oslo Airport, and there are several flights every day except Saturdays. A more environmentally friendly alternative is to take the train which also runs several times a day. Another benefit of the train is the stunning views you will see along the way!

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You start the tour from Oslo with a scenic and relaxing train ride on the Dovre Railway. In Hamar, you change trains to the Røros Railway to enjoy a ride through the beautiful wilderness in Østerdalen before arriving in the UNESCO town of Røros. Starting from Trondheim, you travel only on the Dovre Railway to Røros and back. There are numerous things to do at Røros, from local food experiences, museums, visits to the old copper mines, activities, dog sledding tours, hiking, and skiing.

Røros is also famous for its Christmas Market in December, and people from all over the world come to the city to enjoy the market in the unique and "Christmassy" surroundings. You are guaranteed to get in the right Christmas mood when coming here during the holiday season!

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In Summer, Femundsmarka National Park offers untouched wilderness with great hiking and biking opportunities. The cultural calendar is also jam-packed during summer with outdoor plays, guided tours, and cultural experiences on offer in Røros town. 

Travel tip

We highly recommend combining this experience with adding an exciting hiking trip, a fun dog sleigh tour, or a visit to the old copper mines. See all things to do in Røros HERE.

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