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Fjord Tours Articles / 15 Jul 2021

An active holiday in Geiranger

Have you ever wanted to experience the beauty of the true wilderness, far removed from the hustle and bustle of modern city living? Geiranger may be just the place for you – an idyllic place frozen in time, with sprawling nature that seems almost untouched by human hands. For those interested in an active holiday, Geiranger is just the ticket – here, a range of fun and active experiences are just waiting to be discovered.

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Where is Geiranger? 

Geiranger is located in charming Sunnmøre, a small village in the Møre and Romsdal region. Here, you’ll find some of the most dramatic and spectacular landscapes on the entire planet. From snow-capped mountain peaks to stunning waterfalls plunging into narrow fjords, there is something for everyone – and it’s all available just a stone’s throw from Geiranger, a beautiful, picturesque village that has all the amenities you could need for a lovely, active holiday. Check out our guide to the local area, and discover some of the amazing tours and excursions available to you! 

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How can you get to Geiranger?

It’s quite easy to travel to Geiranger from many different regions in Norway. You can easily get here by plane or train all year round, but during the summer, travelling by boat is a very popular option since the boat journey is usually quite scenic and a real experience in itself. Flights to Ålesund from some of Norway’s biggest cities take under an hour, and the train, car and bus journeys are all quite scenic trips that many people enjoy.

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What is there to do in Geiranger?

There is a lot to do in Geiranger, especially for those interested in natural experiences and activities in nature. Since 2005, the Geirangerfjord area has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It’s not difficult to see why – every inch of land seems to hold some new wonder, and all of this is yours to explore. You might want to lace up your hiking boots and set off to explore the area – there are hours of hiking to be had, never seeing the same spot twice, and you’re bound to stumble upon some beautiful sights and viewpoints.

Take the family along for the journey and build memories together that will last a lifetime, or set off on your own adventure and see where the road takes you, finding a solitude in nature that is all too rare in our day to day lives. Geiranger offers some of the most incredible hikes and trails in Norway, so whether you’re looking for shorter, peaceful mountain trails or challenging multi-day hikes, there’s something for everyone here. 

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Explore the Norwegian fjords 

Many who come to visit this stunning region of Norway are keen to explore the famous wild fjords of the Norwegian landscape. You can step onboard an unforgettable fjord cruise, where you can relax and let the water take you to every corner of the ancient landscape. Why not enjoy a packed lunch on the deck as the mountains pass you by, or practice your photography on the wildlife?

For the more adventurous, you can also take part in a kayak tour to the Geirangerfjord or go white water rafting in Valldal.

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Biking opportunities

Geiranger is also host to some of the most stunning bicycle routes on earth, and knowing that you are doing your part to preserve this beautiful, yet fragile ecosystem by opting for a zero-emission form of transport will only enhance your experience. This is about becoming part of the natural world, rather than overpowering it, so why not choose a more sustainable mode of transportation for your journey around Geiranger?

With plenty of either traditional or E-bike rental options available, you’d be crazy not to hop onto the saddle and get out onto the open road. Who knows what you’ll find in this beautiful rural landscape – a charming little farmstead nestled into the mountainside, a vista that few human eyes have ever seen...the possibilities are endless and there for you to embrace. Geiranger is home to some of the most stunning bike routes and trails Norway has to offer, so hop on your bike and go off to explore! 

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