Photo: Nasjonal Turistveg Aurlandsfjellet - Kjetil Rolseth/ Statens Vegvesen
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The magnificent Nærøyfjord. Beautiful fjord districts. The drive via the Aurland mountain is the spectacular journey between east and west.

Experience the highlights of the Sognefjord on the journey between Oslo and Bergen. The drive passes spectacular tourist destinations such as Voss, Nærøyfjord and Flåm. On the way, you will experience lush rivers, stunning waterfalls, steep hillsides and mountains. The route is dense with magnificent viewpoints and exciting stops.

This drive passes through great places and starting points for hiking and active nature experiences. Among the highlights are the national tourist route across the Aurland mountain, the charming fjord village Flåm and World Heritage protected Nærøyfjord. Several excellent options for accommodation and activities. About halfway along the drive you will find Hemsedal, where there are many options for outdoor activities and hiking.

Also, note that you can take a detour with the scenic car ferry between Kaupanger and Gudvangen - a spellbinding ferry ride!

Distance  Approx. 480 kilometres
Drive time  7 hours, 15 minutes
Ferries  No
Tolls  Yes
Special conditions During the winter months, it may be required that you drive in a convoy over the Hardangervidda - this is called "kolonnekjøring". In bad weather, the road may be completely closed. Winter tires are required during the winter.