Photo: © Mellemværftet - Kristiansund
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Mellemværftet in Kristiansund is a vibrant shipyard from til 1800s, a shipbuilding museum and preservation centre.

Mellemværftet – literally «the middle shipyard» - is situated in the heart of the city of Kristiansund. Mellemværftet, a section of the regional museum of Nordmøre, is a working museum where the curator wears overalls, a wood working and iron forging museum. It is at one and the same time a living museum from the age of working sail in the 19th century, a working center for the preservation and use of traditional vessels and, finally, a center for maritime culture of all kinds.

In commercial operation from 1850 to 1978, the shipyard has been part of regional museum since 1984. Many veteran craft are anchored/moored at the sight. A walk through the shipyard is a pleasant and interesting experience.

The museum is open from Monday - Friday.

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