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Namskogan Family Park

Namsskogan Family park is a combined zoo with Nordic animals and an amusement park with activities for both adults and children!

In the zoo you get to see over 30 species of Nordic animals and birds. The bears, wolfs and lynxes are especially exciting for both children and adults and the parks moose bull likes to be scratched on the nose!

For the smallest children the Children’s farm is probably the most interesting part. Here the children can pet several different animals like for instance rabbits and goats.

Namskogan Family Park also offers exciting activities for all ages in the amusement park. From the fun and laughter on the crash boats, to the tension in the Alpine Racer. The Rock Theatre Rebella Hex is played in July, a truly magical experience!

We also offer a large gift shop, craft center, galleries, restaurants and barbecue areas etc.

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