Photo: Ulriken 643 Taubaneselskap

Ulriken Panorama Tour

The Ulriken Panorama Tour lets you experience Bergen and and the city's surrounding mountains, fjords and highland nature in an easy and accessible way!

1 day
Suitable for all
01.JUN - 01.AUG

On the Ulriken Panorama Tour you take a bus from the city center to the Ulriken Cable Car. From here you take the cable car up to the top of Mount Ulriken, Bergen's highest mountain, 643 meters!

Tour description

You start this tour by taking the Ulriken Express bus from the city center to the Ulriken Cable Car station. This takes about 10 minutes and when you get to the cable car station, you step onboard. The cable car ride is a seven-minute unique experience, which will bring you comfortably to Mount Ulriken, the very "top of Bergen"!

Here you can enjoy the true Norwegian nature experience, while comfortably enjoying the view of Bergen, as well as the surrounding fjords and mountains. At the top of Ulriken you can enjoy a meal at SkySkraperen Panorama Restaurant, be adventurous and try Norway's fastest Zipline, visit the mountain shop or go hiking in the mountains. Or you could simply sit back, enjoy a cup of coffee, take in the clean air of Bergen and enjoy the excellent view

Have a nice trip!

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