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Question: Which documents will I need when picking up the tickets?

Answer: You must bring a printout of the e-mail confirmation when picking up tickets.   

Question: Are the tours guided?

Answer: No, there is no guide on our tours. You travel on your own. The connections are all within close proximity of each other for easy transfer. Stops are always announced over the speakers.

Question: How many tickets do I need?

Answer: All tours have one main ticket where all the legs of the tour is marked. This ticket is a valid travel document for all the legs of the route.

Where seat reservation is needed (marked ‘R’), separate tickets will be issued by Fjord Tours to indicate where you are seated.

Please note!
The Hurtigruten & Norway in a nutshell® tour and the Geiranger & Norway in a nutshell® tour also have a separate ticket for the Hurtigruten coastal ship.

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